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Dark Angel (2000)

In the year 2009, a genetically enhanced, 9-year-old female (whom creator James Cameron refers to as "transgenic") super-soldier who calls herself Max Guevara, (also known as X5-452, a truncation of her barcode tattoo on the back of her neck 332960013452), escapes along with eleven others like her from a secret government institution. At the institution, codenamed Manticore, they were created and subsequently raised and trained to be soldiers and assassins. On June 1, 2009, months after Max's escape, terrorists detonate an electromagnetic pulse weapon in the atmosphere over the U.S., which destroys the vast majority of computer and communication systems, throwing the country into utter chaos.

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Angel (English) [2000-2003] seasons: 2 - 5

The vampire Angelus, now known as Angel, has a human soul, but committed terrible crimes in the past. Seeking forgiveness and trying to redeem himself, he moves from Sunnydale (and a relationship with Buffy Summers, of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") to Los Angeles, where he helps the downtrodden by thwarting the supernatural creatures that prey on them.

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